Welcome to our First edition of the Trish International Film Festival. With films projecting over three days, the town of Pokhara will be treated to a broad spectrum of film art and filmmakers from around the world.

Conducted under the aegis of Qrius Films, Battku Entertainment and Purna Entertainment in conjunction with the Lakecity International Film Festival, Gwalior and Kala Samruddhi International Short Film Festival, Mumbai, the members of the selection committee as well as the Jury consists of eminent film personalities, film makers and critics from across Bollywood and Global Cinema. The festival directorate spearheaded by Mohan Das supported by Ramesh Pawar is dedicated to showcasing and promoting fine films from filmmakers across India, Nepal and internationally, thereby giving a major boost to the film festival movement in Nepal.

An inclusive and spirited festival designed to honor true film artists; Team Trish is all set to bring in celebrated juries consisting of several elite actors, eminent film makers and critics from India, Nepal and across the globe to judge the best films across all categories. Golden, Silver and Bronze trophies to the winners are part of the competition in categories like Best Feature Film, Best Documentary, Best Short Fiction, Best Animation film, etc. Besides, technical awards will also be given for Best Cinematography, Editing and Sound Design. Other highlights are the Special Jury award, Best Debut film award as well as Best Actor and Best Actress awards will also be given.

Apart from films in various competition categories, the directorate is also contemplating screening of best films produced in India and Nepal will be screened under special packages including retrospectives and best of festivals. Special packages like Iran, Azerbaijan, Russian and Turkish films, French short films, films from South East Asia are being organized.

Aiming to merge film screenings with an inspiring educational program, the organisers on the sidelines will be conducting direction, cinematography and pitching workshops providing a rich and wholesome experience for film makers and cineastes. Also, with Pokhara having so much to offer in terms of beauty, landscape and adventure tourism, team Trish have also planned for a short day break after the festival to let film makers carry home wonderful memories apart from their winning trophies.

With an entertaining event, where film makers can have a unique experience of being artistically stimulated, meeting likeminded people and broadening their horizons to connect and forge new working relationships, team Trish is leaving no stone unturned to make it one of the top notch film festivals across the globe.

With the aim of promoting both established award winning filmmakers and discovering up-and-coming talent, the festival works to promote its participating filmmakers through screening films and facilitating the makers’ art. Same time, Team Trish focus is to highlight unique projects that focus on using film as a powerful art form for creating awareness and social change as well as provide worthwhile entertainment to the cinema-going crowd of Pokhara and Nepal.

We therefore invite you to participate in Trish International Film Festival in June 2019. Submit your film and be included in our diverse program, and also have a chance to win one of our many awards at TIFF - a collaborative platform for filmmakers that brings great talent together, and helps launch careers.

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